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Lá Bealtaine Refillable Eau de Parfum

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Solar flower blossoms

Lá Bealtaine is named after the day when spring moves into summer and the earth tilts its face towards the sun. 

An ultra-feminine perfume dedicated to the vivacity and joy of youth, Lá Bealtaine opens with beams of bergamot, mandarin and neroli that pour into a diaphanous core of short-shadowed blossoms. Sun-warmed patchouli and cedar provide the backdrop to a languorous amber haze.


Cloon Keen perfumes are now in planet-friendly refillable bottles with screw-off atomisers. This means that our perfumes can now be easily refilled with our 200 mL Refill bottles.

Due to the new design, care should be taken to pull the white cap off, rather than unscrewing the cap. Otherwise, the atomiser may get lodged in the cap.

The new refillable bottles should not be used as travel bottles. So, please don’t carry in handbags, or leakage may occur due to the atomiser twisting off.


Top: Bergamot oil Italy, Mandarin oil, Neroli Oil Tunisia LMR, Pink pepper LMR Madagascar, Angelica seed oil

Middle: Angelica root oil, Jasmin abs Egypt LMR, Rose oil Turkish LMR

Base: Cedarwood Virginia pure, Patchouli heart no.3 LMR Indonesia

    Discover Cloon Keen Lá Bealtaine eau de parfum. A feminine perfume with citrus beams pouring into a core of short-shadowed blossoms and sun-warmed woods.
    Lá Bealtaine Refillable Eau de Parfum
    Lá Bealtaine Refillable Eau de Parfum