For twenty years, the Cloon Keen collection
    of award-winning perfumes have
    captured the poetic spirit of Ireland.
    Know How
    Handmade in the Galway Atelier by uncompromising artisans, Cloon Keen perfumes are produced in batches of 50. Each batch is slightly different because Cloon Keen perfumes contain a very high percentage of rare absolutes, resins and essential oils, and their scents are all affected by environmental factors such as the weather and quality of the soil.

    Every batch is treated with patience and given time to macerate, smooth and develop, in a similar fashion to a good wine. When the maceration has been completed, the next step is to chill and filter the batch, thus removing any residue that remains after maceration.

    Bottles are then hand-polished and labeled before being placed into our bespoke boxes. A seal is only applied when the artisan is entirely sure that the perfume meets the strict Cloon Keen quality standards.
    Nestle into the gentle embrace of Cloon Keen’s
    lyrical interior scents that conjure a sense of timeless
    place and enduring Irish culture.
    Know How
    Following a ten-step process, Cloon Keen candles are made the old-fashioned way. Chemical-free, unbleached Italian cotton wicks are placed into each piece of hand silvered glass by the master chandler. Then, natural mineral wax, containing wholly European sustainable crop vegetables, is double-poured in small batches.

    The candles are then inspected individually and the wicks are straightened by hand. Finally, each candle is boxed and labeled before being finished with our craftsman’s seal.
    Hand-made objects to accompany us on
    life's journey. Each exquisitely crafted piece
    is an elegant companion to our candle, perfume
    and body care collection.
    Know How
    Cloon Keen brings you timelessly elegant pieces from world-renowned artisans such as Lucy Cope, STOFF Nagel and Carl Auböck.
    Visit us at our stores:
    Visit us at our stores:
    3 Powerscourt Townhouse, 59, William St S
    Dublin 2, D02 HF95
    21A High Street
    Galway, H91 Y266