500 g

Inspired by a legendary Irish love story that spanned a thousand years. Étaín is an enchanting flutter of fleshy tuberose and jasmine petals set against the woody gloam of cedar and patchouli.

Using Green Chemistry concepts, Étaín Liquid Soap is manufactured in small batches in Ireland. This formula is designed with a proprietary combination of emollient-rich surfactants and a high concentration of science-driven plant-based ingredients that help to maintain the skin’s lipid barrier while gently removing impurities without overdrying or compromising on efficacy.
Étaín Liquid Soap delivers a combination of fatty acids and antioxidants that gently cleanse the skin without stripping its natural protective oils or disturbing the skins natural pH mantle.
An effective yet mild blend of soothing botanicals, moisture-retaining glycerin and biome-friendly probiotics activate the skin’s natural ability to repair itself while protecting it against resistant bacteria and preserving the skins protective acid mantle barrier.
Both beautiful and practical, our natural surfactants won’t compromise the eco-system. They work in harmony with both skin and the environment. Cloon Keen uses minimal and nutrient-rich ingredients, harnessing the finest extracts and fusing them with the latest scientific discoveries to deliver optimal hydration to the skin.