Aesthetic Lily Candle 285 g

1350 g

Consider the lilies

Aesthetic Lily carries the innate refinement of milk-white lilies on stately green stems - a flower worshipped by Oscar Wilde and the Cult of Beauty.
This lily is transfigured through a coupling of the creative and technical. At its core, the ‘Living Easter Lily’ infusion - a molecular snapshot of the perfume-filled air surrounding a single lily in bloom is embellished with spicy ginger and Egyptian jasmine on fine, carved mahogany.
Created with the assistance of Living Headspace Technology, Aesthetic Lily pays homage to Irish writer Oscar Wilde who, at the fin de siècle, became the unofficial spokesman for the Aesthetic Movement. With Whistler, Morris, and Rossetti among its glittering cast of artists and designers, it was a bold declaration against Victorian moralism and mass-produced materialism of the Industrial Age. Aesthetes, instead, emphasised the pursuit of beauty for its own sake, by the way of decorative art and as a means of living through the senses. 
The aesthetic movement found expression in ‘The Cult of Beauty’ through the worship of its emblems: the sunflower, the peacock feather and the lily.